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High Deductible Plan F Medicare Supplements

High Deductible Plan F Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Texas

Most people are unaware that there is even such a plan as a High Deductible Plan F Medicare supplement. I wish there was a nice chart or visual to show you about a HD Plan F, but it covers exactly like a regular Plan F Medicare supplement insurance plan... with one catch - you have to meet a $2,240 deductible before the plan covers at 100%.

Now, to slow down a little bit and explain the plan a little more in detail. I would first like to remind everyone that a when you have a Medicare supplement insurance plan, Medicare is the primary insurance. I bring this up due to the fact that when most people hear the word deductible, they think they have to meet that before they receive any benefits. This is not true in the case of a HD Plan F. Medicare is going to pay what it is scheduled to pay.

Medicare Part A (Hospital Services) has an $1,340 deductible for 2018 per benefit period that must be met when you enter into a hospital setting. On a High Deductible Plan F, if you have not met your deductible, you will responsible for this amount. The nice thing is that amount is then applied towards your overall out-of-pocket deductible of $2,240 for 2018.

Medicare Part B (Medical Services - Outpatient) has an annual deductible of $183 for 2018 and then Medicare pays 80% of their approved charges, you are responsible for 20% and any excess charges. Again, the nice thing about a High Deductible Plan F is it brings in a cap that Original Medicare does not have - the $2,240 annual deductible.

If and when the deductible is ever met on a HD Plan F Medigap Plan, your plan then covers exactly like a regular Medigap Plan F.

What are the advantages to a High Deductible Plan F Medicare supplement insurance plan in Texas?

  • Just like any other Medicare supplement plan in Texas, you are not restricted to doctors and hospital in-network (like on a Medicare Advantage Plan). You have the freedom of choice to choose any doctor or hospital, throughout the U.S. that accepts Medicare.
  • Lower monthly premiums that other Medigap Insurance Plans in Texas.
  • Adds a maximum out-of-pocket to the cost that you could be subject to by just having Original Medicare.
  • In most cases the out-of-pocket or $2,240 deductible is less of a calendar year risk than most Medicare Advantage Plans that can range from $3,400 to $7,500.

If you would like to receive more information on High Deductible Plan F Medicare supplements in Texas, please contact an agent today at 1-866-849-5465 or complete our Texas Medicare Supplement Quote form.

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