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Sunday, November 14 2010
Though there are a lot of changes going on with the healthcare system, Medicare Part D is seeing minor changes. Medicare Part D prescription coverage comes in two forms: original prescription drug plans (PDPs), which simply add drug coverage to Original Medicare, and Medicare Advantage Plans, which are like HMOs or PPOs.

One change many seniors might see are a rise of 10% in their monthly premium. Medicare beneficiaries in Texas receiving low income subsidiaries are also going to see more choices in no premium plans.  
On a good note, seniors out of pocket expenses in donut hole coverage (gap that sets in after regular coverage has been reached and before catastrophic coverage kicks in) will continue to decrease. By 2020 it will the donut hole will be closed completely.
Overall the best thing to do when looking at a Medicare Plan in Texas is to asses all the benefits rather then the price, cheaper is not always better. Also, reevaluating your plan every year is also important. Finding a Medicare agent in Texas that can help you look at your plan and go over what might be the best plan for you and your budget is the best route to go.
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