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Friday, October 29 2010
There has been a drastic new shift towards consumers and urgent care clinics. Not only because of the change in the economy, but also because people are taking higher deductibles with their health insurance plans. Saving money when it comes to their health care has become very important to most people. Urgent care clinics are popping up all over the United States, including Texas.
Urgent care clinics are designed for minor emergencies or sickness. You can be in and out much quicker then if you went to an actual hospital emergency room. A lot of the cases in hospital emergency rooms shouldn't even be there. That's one of the reasons urgent care clinics were started in the first place, to clear out the emergency rooms for real life threatening emergencies. Always remember that anything life threatening should be taken to a hospital.
While the cost of appointments and treatments might be cheaper at an urgent care clinic one thing to remember is they can turn away patients unlike a hospital. Another down side is not knowing the patient's medical history. So, when you go to one be prepared to answer a lot of medical questions.
These clinics are perfectly designed for people on the go who need a quick diagnosis so they can go on with their everyday life. Sometimes it might take days to get in to see your regular physician for a sore throat or stomach ache. Urgent care clinics are there to take the hassle away from making appointments and getting you what you need in a shorter amount of time.
Here in Texas, another concern when dealing with urgent care clinics for Seniors is the accessibility to use their Texas Medicare Supplement insurance coverage or Texas Medicare Advantage Plan. Here in Georgetown, TX we had an urgent care clinic pop up very quickly. It is a very nice place and has easy access for the residents of Georgetown, but when they were at a vendor fair in a retirement community and asked if they accepted Medicare, the answer was, "we are working on it".
Overall, urgent care clinics are a great idea and should work well for people, just make sure that you are getting the care you deserve and that if you are going to file your visit on your insurance, that it is accepted. For more information on if your Texas Medicare supplement plan will work in a certain urgent care clinic, give us a call today and we will help find you the facilities that work well with your Texas Medicare insurance coverage.
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