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Friday, May 06 2011
The transition from Major Medical insurance or Group Health insurance to Medicare can be an overwhelming transition. You may think that Medicare is something that would be easy, which with the right information it can be, but it can become like a big bowl of alphabet soup for some. Medicare has many moving part, A, B, C and D, not counting Medicare supplement plans A through N. Maybe this is why we are taught the alphabet at such a young age?
If you are turning 65 or new to Medicare, before you jump in and try to absorb all the different parts, try concentrating on the main ones. Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B also know as Original Medicare. To put it to you in a nutshell, Part A is your hospitalization portion of the insurance and Part B is your medical (outpatient) portion of the insurance. To make it a little more clear, watch the video below. This video brought to you by United Healthcare, helps to elaborate on Medicare Parts A & B without making it so painful to understand.


Even with what you may already know, or maybe just learned hear today, you can still be at a significant risk of out-of-pocket cost by just having Original Medicare alone. Please visit Medicare 2011 for more information on the deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays left by only having Original Medicare as your insurance.
Now your question maybe, “How do I cover myself from the gaps left by having Original Medicare?” the answer is, call us. Here at Medigap Select of Texas we specialize in Medicare insurance plans in Texas. We offer free, no-obligation Medicare reviews and you will also receive a side-by-side comparison of Texas Medigap Insurance Plans from some of the best Medicare supplement companies in Texas.
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