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Friday, January 28 2011

Mutual of Omaha - Medicare Supplement in Texas

If you have read our blog or ever talked directly to one of our agents, you know that here at Medigap Select of Texas we strongly stress that all Texas Medicare supplements are “standardized” and there is no difference in basic benefits offered by different insurance companies that offer Texas Medigap insurance plans with the same identified letter. As stated on page 9 of the publication “Choosing a Medigap Policy 2010”, the only difference you will find is cost. So, we strongly believe that as long as you are with a financially strong company, why pay more for the same benefits?

Even with this being said there are a lot of factors to look at other than cost. As mentioned, financially strong insurance companies will always offer the security of knowing that they should around for you and be able to have the finances to pay claims. Also keep in mind how insurance companies rate their premiums, compete for your business, and any other benefits that you can gain when choosing your Medicare supplement in Texas.

Mutual of Omaha is a name that has been around and has always been a leader in offering Medicare supplement insurance plans. They are a financially strong company and tend to always be one of the most priced competitive Medigap insurance companies in Texas. This does not mean that they are the best Medicare supplement company to choose, but year after year they always seem to keep showing up as one of the top choice.

If you keep in mind what I said earlier, the fact that all Medicare supplements in Texas are “standardized” and financial stability, affordable rates and any other perks that you can get should always fall in to the equation  when search for your insurance company that provides Medigap insurance in Texas. With that said, not only is Mutual of Omaha one of the top rated insurance companies with A. M. Best, but they also offer something that no other insurance company does at this time, a 7% household discount.

With Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement insurance plans in Texas, if you reside with another individual that also has a Mutual of Omaha insurance policy; you both will receive a 7% household discount. So, if you and your significant other are over the age of 65 or eligible for Medicare and both apply for a Medicare supplement insurance plan in Texas, you each will receive a 7% discount from the premiums paid for your policy. When adding this household discount to a husband and wife applying together for a Texas Medigap insurance policy, it almost makes them unbeatable when you compare price and financial stability to other insurance carriers.

To find out more about Mutual of Omaha’s 7% household discount, or to receive your free side-by-side, no obligation Texas Medicare supplement quotes, please contact an agent today at 1-866-849-5465.

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