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Wednesday, December 15 2010
Medicare Pay Cuts
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 the Senate unanimously came to the conclusion to delay the Medicare 25% pay cut to physicians that care for seniors until next year. With expiations of the deal being approved by the House before the end of the year, this would protect doctors who care for Medicare beneficiaries from a massive pay cut and help control what was already predicted to be a tremendous hit to the federal health insurance program.
As this will come as a huge relief to many seniors throughout the United States, many advocates for the elderly and medical groups are pleased with their long efforts of lobbying Congress all year to keep these cuts from ever happening. Even our President chimed in with praise to the compromise, but continued to urge lawmakers to keep working on this matter until a permanent solution to Medicare’s payment system can be put in place.
Both sides of the aisle have repeatedly stated that they would find a permanent fix to the system that is used to pay doctors by Medicare, but it is also stated that this could cost as much as$300 billion to get a solution in place. In an already tough economy, this could be a daunting task as lawmakers feel the pressures of controlling federal spending. The two parties have yet to be able to come to a compromise on a way to reform Medicare’s payment system, even with the healthcare reform bill being signed in to law this past March.
As the fee cuts were designed in 1997 and were to be slowly introduced over many years to help control Medicare spending, the pressure from physicians and others have made it hard to implement the cuts and have allowed them to be delayed year after year. By delaying the pay cuts, the percentage has accumulated making it even harder to get the process started.
By delaying the cuts for another year, it is estimated that the cost will be around $19 billion. This cost is said to be offset by changing the subsidies to moderate income individuals that the federal government provides, beginning 2014. The recipients of these subsidies will have to pay back a portion of the monies received if their incomes increase.
If and when this deal is passed, this will add in another notch to a year filled with many changes to our healthcare system.
As for Medicare beneficiaries, making sure that you are covered from unwanted medical expenses left by just having Medicare is very important. As a resident of Texas we can help you with the understanding of Medicare Supplements in TX and other options that may be available. Contact an agent today at 1-866-849-5465 or fill out our safe and secure Texas Medicare Supplement Quote Form to receive your free, no-obligation side-by-side comparison of different Texas Medigap Insurance Plans.
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Friday, December 10 2010

People work hard their whole lives to support their families and provide a comfortable life for themselves and the people that they love. In the United States, many middle-aged people look forward to the time when they will be able to retire, and finally have the opportunities to travel and accomplish all the things they never had time for when they were working. Retiring frees up time, but it also reduces individual income for many people. With the rising costs of health care taking their toll on the senior citizen population, many people find that they are clueless as to how to go about choosing Medigap insurance plans Texas.
In case you’re unfamiliar with the way that choosing Medigap insurance plans Texas will help to keep your health care costs to a reasonable minimum, you need to learn a little bit more about the way that the Medicare system operates in the United States. One of the first things you need to know is how many different plans are out there and how they work. Finding the right one for you is most important before you enroll.
The purpose of Medicare coverage is to lower the out of pocket cost for senior citizens when looking for medical care. Not all Medicare plans offer comprehensive coverage, meaning that many seniors are still surprised with high bills at the doctor’s office if they haven’t taken the time to research their policy and medical needs. Because many people want to know that they are completely covered should a problem arise, they often set about choosing Medigap insurance plans Texas to help supplement their policy.
Supplemental insurance for senior citizens is provided by private insurance companies, not the government. Spending some time comparing policies and coverage so that you can ensure that you make the right decision is the key. When choosing Medigap insurance plans in Texas, keep in mind that the coverage has been standardized by the government, so generally, the only differences between companies will be in price. If you’re married, it’s also important to realize that you and your spouse will be required to purchase separate supplemental policies. Although there are some medical requirements to being accepted, in most cases you are guaranteed the right to purchase a policy.
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Thursday, December 02 2010

Right now Texas is among the states with the greatest projected growth in the senior population in the United States. This is due to the warm climate and no state income tax. With that said it is so important to get the word out for seniors in Texas to stay healthy and active.
Now this not only applies to physically but mentally as well. Depression is very common with seniors and getting help through therapy is very important. It has been proven the most effective way to fight depression. Also by getting active in new hobbies or activities can ignite a drive and passion that helps lots of people brake out of the same old, everyday routine.
As for the physical aspect of staying healthy, something else for seniors to remember is how important it is to build muscle mass. If an elderly person finds themselves bed ridden in a hospital they will lose muscle mass quickly. If they build a good muscle mass in case of an illness it will be easier for them to recover once they are well and out of the hospital.
Of course when talking about health and staying healthy regular visits to your doctor is just as important. With that said having a good Texas Medigap coverage is necessary when handling the financial aspect of this. Finding the right Medicare Supplement in Texas can be tricky with all the different companies and changes that take place with medicare. Look for a company that offers you a free quote like Medigap Select of Texas. Getting the information you need about your Texas Medicare Supplement is the first step in staying healthy and will have you on the road to living the active lifestyle you want.
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